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Experience the Ultimate Vacation with These Cruises Around Sanibel Island

The natural beauty of Sanibel Island is not to be missed. While many focus on things to do around the island, a journey offshore is just as rewarding. For one of the most rewarding things to do on Sanibel Island, consider taking a boat cruise.

What to Expect

You will experience the sun, the waves, wildlife, and more on any cruise around Sanibel Island, and all during your stay. What exactly you see will depend on the type of cruise you pick, but regardless of your choice, it will be an awe-inspiring experience!

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What to Bring

On any boat cruise in Sanibel Island, plan to bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, towels, and water.  Bring anything you need to protect yourself from the heat! Some tours include lunch or snacks, depending on the length of the trip, but it’s wise to check in advance. 

Top Cruises to Take

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Sunset Cruise

There are few things more magical than a Southwest Florida sunset. Sunset cruises take you through San Carlos Bay, just behind Sanibel Island, to witness the spectacular array of colors descending over tranquil turquoise seas. It’s the ultimate romantic getaway. 

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

A few things are more magical than a sunset cruise in Sanibel Island, a sunset dolphin cruise is certainly one of them! Can you imagine anything more beautiful than a magnificent sunset with dolphins swimming alongside you? Such tours also provide plenty of opportunities to view local species of birds, reptiles, and maybe even manatees. 

Wildlife Cruise

While you certainly will catch glimpses of wildlife on sunset tours, a wildlife cruise is the best way to experience the full range of biodiversity Sanibel Island has to offer. Experienced guides will take you to the best inlets and waterways to find new species. Expect to see impressive bird species like pelicans, bald eagles, and osprey. Bottlenose dolphins and manatees are, of course, highlights of such cruises. 

Boat/Cruise Rentals

If you are looking to book a Sanibel, Florida cruise, these are some of the top boat and cruise rentals on Sanibel Island. 

Adventure in Paradise

Owned and operated by the local Stewart family, Adventure in Paradise boasts over 34 years of fun-filled experience giving family-friendly cruises, tours, and fishing charters. They offer a wide range of services including a Sunset Dolphin & Wildlife Cruise, Shelling Cruise, Sea Life Encounter Excursion, Morning Dolphin & Wildlife Cruise, and more.

The Sunset Dolphin & Wildlife Cruise takes place daily, lasting an hour and a half. Departure time varies throughout the year to match the sunset. Reservations are required in advance as tours often sell out in advance. Adults reservations cost $39, $29 for children, and children 3 and under are free. 

Captiva Cruises

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Captiva Cruises is another family owned and operated business, which has been around since 1986. Their four-ship fleet are all manned by experienced captains who know the local waters. 

Three sunset cruises are available, two year-round and one from March until August. 

Dolphin and wildlife cruises are perfect for all ages and take place daily from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. You can count on seeing bottlenose dolphins and many aquatic bird species. 

Knowledgeable volunteers from Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation will narrate the tour. Prices for adults and seniors are $30 per ticket, and the cost for children 12 and under is $20. 

Plan Your Next Stay

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Banana Bay Tour Company

The Banana Bay Tour Company is dedicated to high-quality ecological tourism. They offer the Dolphin Nature Cruise, which takes you from Rumrunner’s Restaurant to Cape Harbour, Florida. This tour will take you so close to the Sanibel Island coast that you will see the historic bridge while watching dolphins in the water.

The Dolphin Sunset Cruise is an hour and a half voyage through the San Carlos Bay and is not to be missed. The Ecological Dolphin and Lunch Tour combines all the best of Southwest Florida in a day, with the opportunity to stop along Sanibel Island’s coast and collect seashells, swim, or bask in the sun. On this trip, there is even a good chance you will spot a manatee!

Book online or call 239-728-8687 to make your reservation.

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