Explore the Islands with Ocean Tribe Outfitters

Most of the finest things to do on Sanibel involve exploration. By the water or land, by sailboat or by bike, Sanibel and Captiva Islands hide plenty of wonderful little secrets. 

Ocean Tribe Outfitters gives you the tools to explore the vast playgrounds of Sanibel and Captiva Islands. Stop by the shop to experience the excitement of the area. But first, be sure to take a peek at our Captiva condo rentals for the season to explore the islands in style. We have an assortment of condos to make your stay extra dreamy and special. 

Girl kayaking with a guy in Sanibel Island.

What is Ocean Tribe Outfitters?

Ocean Tribe Outfitters is led by a tribe of people who love preserving the local marine systems. Through ecotours, education, and investment, the team dedicates itself to building a connection to the ocean and gulf.

Ocean Tribe Outfitters is part of the Sanibel Sea School system, a non-profit foundation that prioritizes the health and vitality of the natural ecology. 

The overall message of Ocean Tribe Outfitters is:

  • A stewardess status towards the wildlife of all shapes and sizes
  • The joy of learning
  • The low-impact exploration of the ocean and gulf
  • Love and commitment to preserving the integrity and quiet nature of Sanibel and Captiva Islands
  • The love of kayaking, paddle boarding, and all other non-motorized paddle crafts

Ultimately, Ocean Tribe is designed to offer unique paddling excursions to eager and enthusiastic locals and visitors.

Kayaks stacked up waiting to be used at the Ocean Tribe.

How to Get Involved?

Simply reach out to the team via their official website. You can join as a member and take advantage of an exhaustive list of perks. Members receive paddling instructions and local marine education throughout the year, via one-on-one or by webchat. You also receive special guidance towards the finest gear and places to kayak and canoe. You can even try the equipment out.

The main perk is, of course, special guided trips. These include some really fantastic adventures, like the full and new moon paddles as well as the sunrise and sunset paddles. Get a firsthand look at the possibilities of exploring at night, under the setting sun or the full rising moon.

Ocean Tribe Outfitters is a community. Rife with possibilities and loyal dedication to marine preservation, the group’s leaders welcome anyone that follows in its ethos. Check out the group’s initiatives and goals when you visit Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

How Much Does it Cost?

The fees are extremely fair given the features of the group and the focus on social community. It is $50 for a year per individual. A couple can receive membership for $75 for the year, while families (all living in the same household) receive membership for $150 for the year.

Swim with the dolphins at Ocean Tribe in Sanibel Island.

Do you Need to be a Member?

To enjoy many of the programs of Ocean Tribe Outfitters, you should be a member. With that said, you can still participate in some events and activities through the Sanibel Sea School. The school offers daily programs for youth and adults, including half and full-day events year-round. There are also weekly camps available divided by age groups. You can swim with dolphins, explore as if you were part of the Calusa tribe hundreds of years ago, and even take an extensive and ambitious trip to the keys. Finally, the team offers private events for pre-booking, taking you and a group of at least 10 on a journey. This could include a quiet kayak trip, shelling expedition, and wildlife sightseeing journey. 

How to Contact Them?

You can visit the office at 455 Periwinkle Way. Walk-ins are encouraged, but keep in mind it is a small team and they may be out on a trip. We recommend calling ahead for additional information and availability. The number is (239) 472-8585. You can also reach the team at oceantribepaddlers@sanibelseaschool.org or through the group’s Facebook page.

Where to Stay?

Review our available Beachcomber Sanibel Island homes. Secure a wonderful home-away-from-home for your whole group, with spacious kitchens, barbeque grills, pools, beach access, and many welcoming community amenities. Interested in more intriguing details about the area? Check out our list of fun facts about Sanibel to learn more about what exciting treats it hides!