Island FAQ

Much of the Islands are a protected haven for wildlife of all types. A variety of activities complement our sanctuary islands. Shellers, naturalists, and photographers will love the islands’ animal kingdom and the peaceful charm of Sanibel and Captiva. Even the seashells that look more like just another beautiful object provide a habitat for living creatures. We consider them our “tidal residents”.

Of course, there is always the option of living-it-up while here on Sanibel and Captiva! Unique island shops, tantalizing restaurants, watersports, golf, tennis, live entertainment, great theater and the arts all await you. Don’t worry about “doing it all.” It is impossible to come here without dreaming of “one more trip” to the islands. Just by being here now, you’ve practically guaranteed your return visit.

With over seventeen miles of island bike paths that lead past most of the islands best spots such as the historic lighthouse, an old cemetery, alligator habitats, a national wildlife refuge, Banyan trees, beachfront parks and charming, olde-island homes. Where else but Sanibel will you need to heed a Gopher Tortoise Crossing sign?

So put away thoughts of everything you left behind. Get some sand between your toes and start making the really important decisions in life…a nap or a bike ride…canoeing or golf…jazz or reggae…seafood or Italian.