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Visit Lighthouse Beach Park on Sanibel Island!

While there are tons of fun things to do during your stay in our Sanibel vacation rentals, your vacation won’t be complete without a trip to Lighthouse Beach Park. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular attractions with guests in our Sanibel Island condo rentals! Here’s what to know before you visit.

What is Lighthouse Beach Park?

Lighthouse Beach Park is precisely what it sounds like: a historic lighthouse and a beach park offering breathtaking views of the water. You can come here to enjoy some quality time in nature with your family, go fishing off the pier, walk to a nearby restaurant, and learn about the area’s history. With so much to see and do, it’s easy to spend an entire day exploring!

Lighthouse Beach Park History

The lighthouse you see here at Lighthouse Beach Park was initially constructed in 1884 and still stands as a proud symbol of Sanibel Island today. The area’s citizens started calling for a lighthouse to be built in 1878, but the funds for the lighthouse weren’t secured until 1883. The following year, Dudley Richardson, the first lighthouse keeper, officially lit the lighthouse. Even though the lighthouse isn’t in use today, it is still a popular place to get a photo op or begin your day exploring the area.

Lighthouse Beach Park Things to Do

So, what can you do at Lighthouse Beach Park in Sanibel Island besides look at the lighthouse? There’s plenty to do! If you’re interested in fishing, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a convenient fishing pier right on the property. You can cast your line to try for the big catch, or you can watch others as they struggle with the fish below.

If you get hungry while you’re here, bring some food with you to cook on the barbeque grills! Then, you can enjoy your delicious meal at the picnic area. Check out the convenient shade pavilion if you simply want a relaxing place to sit down and enjoy the breeze (and perhaps a trip to one of the best ice cream shops on Sanibel Island).

How Do I Get There?

Luckily, it’s not hard to get to Lighthouse Beach Park from our Sanibel Island rentals. You’ll find Lighthouse Beach Park at 1 Periwinkle Way, located on the island’s southernmost tip. Wherever you are in Sanibel, Florida, head toward Periwinkle Way and take it to the end of the island. 

Once you arrive, you won’t have to worry about finding somewhere to park your car—more than 150 parking spaces on the premises, including free handicapped parking and limited RV parking spaces. General parking is available at a fee of $5 per hour. Additionally, if you ride your bike to Lighthouse Beach Park, you can take advantage of the bike racks near the entrance.

Plan Your Visit!

Are you ready to experience all the fun that Sanibel and Captiva Islands have to offer? Book your stay now and start preparing for fun!

Where to Stay

After you’ve finished exploring Lighthouse Beach Park and all the other fun things to do on Sanibel, you’re sure to be exhausted! No worries. Just head back to our Sanibel or Captiva vacation rentals for some well-deserved rest. Gopher takes pride in maintaining top-quality rental properties for groups of all sizes. You’ll always have access to the most convenient amenities like high-speed Internet and fully equipped kitchens, and you’ll never be more than a few minutes away from the most popular attractions in town.

Are you ready to explore Lighthouse Beach Park and the rest of Sanibel Island for yourself? Contact us today to start planning your Sanibel Island vacation!