Take in the Sights at Sanibel Moorings Botanical Gardens

Sanibel Gardens is one of the island’s top-tier attractions and a must-see activity for romantics, families, and everyone who likes a walk on the relaxing side. We take a look at one of the top Captiva and Sanibel things to do and how you can maximize the fun on your visit. After a day of soaking up the Florida sun, round up the family and head back to your Sanibel vacation rental for a quiet night in.

Sanibel Gardens is one of the island’s top-tier attractions and a must-see activity for romantics, families, and everyone who likes a walk on the relaxing side.

What to Expect

The Sanibel Moorings Botanical Gardens is six sensational acres of protected and preserved flora and fauna on Sanibel Island. It is a pure-hearted celebration of the unique wildlife of southwest Florida. Guests can go on quiet walking touts at their own pace or book a guided tour to learn more. Many of the plants are clearly labeled, so you can read about what kind they are, make comparisons, and even get a little insight into their rarity and when they thrive. The gardens provide tons of information about flora and fauna at the perfect pace.

Overall, the gardens are home to hundreds of non-invasive and native tropical plant species. You can expect to find roses, hibiscus, bromeliads, palms, fruits, cycads, and orchids. 

The design of the gardens is beautiful and unique. Unlike a large garden park, the Sanibel Moorings Botanical Gardens are currently within an active resort and part of the décor and landscaping of the property. This gives you an enthralling look at the foliage and the guest experience of Sanibel. Guests will be guided through the resort area where guests may currently be staying.

While the gardens bloom and blossom with extravagant plant life, you may also be fortunate enough to spot some small critters crawling, flying, and zipping along through the plants. These include numerous rabbits, turtles, and birds.

The highlight for many is the butterflies, which are permanent garden residents. You can find a number of rare species amidst the vegetation almost all year round. 


Public tours are exclusively available at 9 a.m. on Wednesday mornings and last about 90 minutes. Guests can check-in at the front office to get their tour started or walk somewhat freely through the gardens during this time and admire the flora and fauna at their own pace. Guests will receive a map of the gardens they can peruse while following the tour or going off on their own.

Guests can also book a private tour outside this time frame. The minimum count for a private tour is 10. You can call the office at 239-472-4119 for additional details.

Book Your Vacation

The Sanibel and Captiva areas offer so many fun things to do and see on top of being conveniently located near the gorgeous Florida beaches. Visit today and find your new vacation getaway.


The cost is $5 per person regardless of group size. Payments are required to be made in cash and can be paid to the front office just prior to your visit.

Sometimes, the gardens will host a lovely event for visitors. One of the most popular is the Plain Aire Painting Days. Local artists will sit and paint in the gardens while other special hosted guests can visit, explore, and even chat with the artists. They are usually booked through the Sanibel Captiva Art League or the Big Arts, so contact either group to get connected. 


The gardens are part of the Sanibel Moorings Resort. Both are part of the American Public Garden Association and the American Horticultural Society. The gardens are on the site of the resort and act in conjunction. You do not have to stay at the resort to visit the gardens.

The gardens are located at 845 E Gulf Dr. on Sanibel Island. The resort and gardens are both very close to our Sanibel and Captiva vacation rentals. Indulge in a romantic and lovely escape to the islands as you see many of its top sights and sounds.

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