Fine Dining at Mad Hatter

Sanibel Island is a mini paradise of possibilities. Secured away along the gulf coast of Florida, it is an inviting and warm vacation destination and a sister island to nearby Captiva Island.

White Caps Cottages on Sanibel provide a splendid mix of breathtaking views and modern amenities for any romantic vacation escape. Even Sanibel locales are as immensely romantic and love the Mad Hatter Restaurant.

This magical cottage restaurant sweeps you up with its imaginative décor and rich menu.

Family doing a cheers at the dinner table

What is the Mad Hatter?

The Mad Hatter is one of the most popular Sanibel Island restaurants, chockfull of delightful décor and inventive seafood. This romantic restaurant has a distinct reputation in the community with its peculiar charms and New England-esque building. Sitting right by the water, the Mad Hatter has lively energy in a relatively small dining area, adding some revered intimacy for two. Takeout and delivery are also available.

The concept of the Mad Hatter originated in Nantucket but has since transitioned its New England energy and vitality right to the gulf coast. Chef Kurt and Michelle Jarvis carry the spirit of the Nantucket location, providing strong new American vibes in a northeastern-styled cottage on the water.

Reservations are highly recommended. You can call ahead to confirm your spot at 239-472-0033. The cottage is located at 6467 Sanibel Captiva Rd. It is usually open daily from around 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. only, but we recommend you always call ahead to confirm its current hours of operation.

The Mad Hatter Menu

Lobster tail at the Mad Hatter

The menu is quite seasonal and based on ingredient availability. The menu predominantly features fish and meats, including roast duck, lobster tail, and lamb chops, topped with a thick affogato sauce. The best fish selection is likely the Grouper. This Florida classic is served best with a glass of top-shelf white wine. All meat and fish selections are top-tier, featuring only the finest preparation methods. 

Appetizers are also highly recommended. Be sure to start your meal with a fresh bowl of soup or premier seafood. One of the highlights includes the locally-loved mushroom soup. We also adore the garlic-soaked grilled shrimp. Salads include a beet salad mix and a classic Caesar with anchovies. 

Don’t miss out on dessert. Some of the best selections include the absolutely dazzling chocolate cake, drenched in layers of real-tasting chocolate. It’s a richness you won’t soon forget. The crepe is a fluffier and lighter option, while the cheesecake is the finest topper to your Mad Hatter night.

The Views and Décor

Sunset over the water at the Mad Hatter

While the Mad Hatter has an exceptional menu, it’s often the views and décor that capture the imagination. Decorations, like the upside-down holiday tree on the patio, add to the mad-as-a-hat magic. Guests can indulge in water views as the sun settles over the horizon. This is special-occasion dining- a celebration of a lot of hard work and what it means to imagine big! 

Stay In Sanibel Island

The island life is spectacular, and there is little shortage of attractions to see and sights to admire. You can find an array of things to do on Sanibel, between the snorkeling adventures and numerous water charters. 

Sanibel Island is dense and magical. There are over 22 miles of weaving bike paths throughout the island’s 17.5 square acres. You can discover even more fun facts about Sanibel here. 

We love to show off the island life. And even better- we have two! Sanibel and Captiva Islands are unified as a grand gulf coast vacation destination. Come on over and see the best of the island’s attractions and sights. You can visit our website for dining near Sanibel Island if you head off the island for a half-day trip.

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