Everglades Eco Safari

The Everglades is the largest sub-tropical wilderness in the United States – 1.5 million acres of wetlands with hundreds of species of birds and fish, many species of mammals and reptiles and a number of endangered species such as the Leatherback Turtle, Florida Panther and the West Indian Manatee. This is the primitive world of your ancestors that you can experience with a bit more comfort and security than they had and it’s only a short distance from your vacation headquarters on Sanibel or Captiva.

Leave your Sanibel Island vacation rental in the morning. THE EVERGLADES DAY SAFARI will pick you up by bus in Fort Myers between 7:00 and 8:00 AM and get you home about 5:00 PM. The bus will transport you into the Everglades for a full day of exciting experiences and a thrilling exposure to this unique habitat in one of the most beautiful places on earth. You will have an accredited naturalist with you at all times to point out things of interest and answer all of your questions.


Explore The Everglades For A Family Outdoor Activity

Your visit will have several phases:

  • A leisurely nature walk into the cypress forest that is home to lots of wildlife such as the otter, mink, bear and deer. There is also an abundance of ancient cypress trees, ferns and lovely bromeliads.
  • A ride on Wildlife Drive into the Big Cypress, a 780,000 acre National Preserve within the Everglades with vast amounts of plant and animal life. You just never know what will show up – but it’s safe!
  • A one hour boat cruise to the Ten Thousand Islands where there is much history and a wide array of birds and other creatures that are native to the back bays of Florida’s southern frontier.
  • An Airboat Ride for an hour into the pond apple forest and sawgrass prairies, home to the Roseate Spoonbill, herons, egrets, bald eagles and many creatures of all shapes, sizes and colors that you don’t see back home.
  • Lunch will be at the Oyster House restaurant at an appropriate time in the Everglades. They serve fish, chicken, hamburgers, green salad and soda, tea or coffee.

This will be a full day of wonderful experiences and awesome thrills. You’ll see some things that you will never forget and learn some things that will broaden your outlook. It is a wonderful opportunity for photography so remember to bring your camera. The fee for this remarkable experience is $159.00 for adults and $139.00 for children. You can get more information and make a reservation at www.ecosafari.com or call 239 472 1559.

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