Enjoy Some Down Home Eats at The Pecking Order

Sanibel Island is one of the most popular spots in Florida. With its idyllic sandy beaches, its stunning turquoise waters, a range of gorgeous Sanibel vacation rentals, and its wide array of family-friendly activities, the island is loved by couples and families alike. But the beach isn’t the only thing that makes the island special. Sanibel is also a fantastic destination for foodies. Sanibel dining is renowned for its delicious Florida classics served in friendly Florida style and visiting the island’s many restaurants is one of the best things to do in Sanibel.

Florida is famous for its delectable comfort foods and its delicate, fresh seafood. If you’re looking for the ultimate eatery serving up Florida’s very best, The Pecking Order in Sanibel should be on the top of your list. 

Why Everyone Should Visit The Pecking Order

Delicious food from Pecking Order
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Most restaurants near Sanibel Island take the same approach, serving up beautifully cooked seafood to a hoard of tourists. The Pecking Order takes a step away from these fine-dining staples that are to be found all over the island.

Instead, this takeout joint offers true Southern-style comfort foods, specializing in fried chicken. 

The chicken made at The Pecking Order is truly one-of-a-kind. It is marinated for two to three days in a secret blend before being fried. Biscuits and cornbread are always fresh and made from scratch, while collard greens can take up to three days to simmer. 

The dedication to authenticity at The Pecking Order pays off. The food at this delightful Sanibel spot is packed with flavor. While chicken isn’t necessarily a Florida classic, your whole family will love this local eatery. Fried chicken will be the feature of the meal, but the restaurant also does some delectable side dishes as well. Be sure to try the mashed red potatoes, the biscuit, and the Harlem, a combination of rice, beans, peas, and greens.  

When you arrive at The Pecking Order, you probably shouldn’t expect to have a sit down meal. While there are a few seats available inside, most customers choose to take their meals away. You can also opt to have your meal delivered after 5pm. Head to The Pecking Order to find one of the island’s cheapest and tastiest meals served up by the impeccably friendly staff.

The Pecking Order is perfectly situated on the island in a convenient location on the main road. No matter what your plans are during your trip, make sure you leave room for a trip to this unparalleled chicken shop!

The Pecking Order is open for takeout or delivery.

Other Places to Eat in Sanibel

There are plenty of other fantastic places to eat in Sanibel if you and your family aren’t in the mood for fried chicken. For excellent Southern-style seafood, try The Clam Shack, famous for its varied fish dishes. Or, for an unusual dining experience, visit the Mad Hatter Restaurant, known for its quirky interior and blend of seafood and steak.

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Plan Your Visit

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