The Bubble Room Sanibel Island


When you’re on vacation in the lovely rental property David found, you need to know about The Bubble Room Restaurant. It’s more than just an excellent restaurant – known and admired worldwide – it is a memorable dining experience.

It’s different —  as if someone had taken a little bit of Hollywood, a toy store, and Christmas and mixed them all together and then added a kitchen. The result is unlike any restaurant you have ever been to. There is always something different you haven’t seen before.

You will see puppets, a train circling the restaurant at ceiling level, toys and antiques, vintage photos of movie stars from the 40’s and 50’s, doll houses and a tunnel of love. The table where you eat is a shadow-box table with period toys and dolls under glass. Does it sound crazy?

Well, it is crazy and it works. The people who eat at the Bubble Room love it, particularly the kids. (there is a kids menu).  It’s a night full of great food and lots of fun. All the seemingly crazy things that get your attention create an ambiance that gives you that happy, relaxed feeling and you just chill out.

And you enjoy their delicious food. This is a serious family-style restaurant with a broad menu of American foods and a professional staff to serve you.

The wait staff are called Bubble Scouts and are dressed as boy scouts and girl scouts. The restaurant slogan is “you’ll never leave hungry!” The fact is you will probably eat left-overs for the next two days. Their portions are very generous. They are particularly well known for their desserts – especially their cakes – like the Red Velvet Cake that will reduce you to tears.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM. and the dress is casual so wear what you like. It’s located at 15001 Captiva Drive. It’s the only major road on Captiva so you can’t miss it. Just look for an awning that looks like a carnival and that will be the Bubble Room. You can reach them by telephone at 239 472 5558.