Island Pizza Sanibel

Looking for the best pizza in Sanibel, Florida? The Island Pizza Company is the #1 pizza joint in the Sanibel Island area, so you don’t have to look very far to get a mouthwatering slice. The Island Pizza Company is a quaint and colorful family-run restaurant located on the island with over 30 years of experience. Not only can you ... Read More »


Flights to Sanibel Island and Nearby Airports

Planning a visit to Sanibel Island and wondering where to fly into? With a wide variety of airports in the area, Sanibel Island has plenty of options to coordinate and plan your trip around. This article will outline the many different airports you can fly into when starting your journey to one of our Sanibel vacation rentals. Naples The Naples ... Read More »

breezy beachfront

Sanibel Island Weather

Bright, beautiful, and colorful all day long, the beaches on Sanibel Island are the place to be for travelers who love that classic Florida sunshine. While Florida has some amazing attractions and dazzling open beaches, it’s the weather that really keeps people coming back time and time again. In fact, you can’t enjoy the attractions and the beaches if the ... Read More »

captiva island in the distance

Visit the Captiva Island Historical Society

Captiva Island is filled with a rich history. Turn the corner at any part of the island and see the setting of a famed pirate encounter or fascinating archaeological discovery. Captiva Island has held endless possibilities for its inhabitants, and it is all held and honored by the Captiva Island Historical Society See the story unfold throughout Sanibel Island history ... Read More »

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Fine Dining at Mad Hatter

Sanibel Island is a mini paradise of possibilities. Secured away along the gulf coast of Florida, it is an inviting and warm vacation destination and a sister island to nearby Captiva Island. White Caps Cottages on Sanibel provide a splendid mix of breathtaking views and modern amenities for any romantic vacation escape. Even Sanibel locales are as immensely romantic and ... Read More »

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Swim and Dine at Coconuts

Sanibel Island is the definitive Florida gulf coast island escape. Explore the Beachcomber on Sanibel Island to find a variety of top-rated two-bedroom vacation rentals. And after you secure your Sanibel Island vacation stay, you can start your plan to visit some of the island’s most well-kept hidden secrets. This includes one little locale we love to show off to ... Read More »

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Kayak at the Great Calusa Blueway

Sanibel and Captiva Islands play host to a wide assortment of fun things to do, and most of them involve the water in some way. Between the exciting sailing adventures and the fun fishing charters, there’s always something to do over the cascading waves. And one of the top places to see is the Great Calusa Blueway. So what is ... Read More »

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Explore the Islands with Ocean Tribe Outfitters

Most of the finest things to do on Sanibel involve exploration. By the water or land, by sailboat or by bike, Sanibel and Captiva Islands hide plenty of wonderful little secrets.  Ocean Tribe Outfitters gives you the tools to explore the vast playgrounds of Sanibel and Captiva Islands. Stop by the shop to experience the excitement of the area. But ... Read More »

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Enjoy Some Down Home Eats at The Pecking Order

Sanibel Island is one of the most popular spots in Florida. With its idyllic sandy beaches, its stunning turquoise waters, a range of gorgeous Sanibel vacation rentals, and its wide array of family-friendly activities, the island is loved by couples and families alike. But the beach isn’t the only thing that makes the island special. Sanibel is also a fantastic ... Read More »

clyde butcher

Meet Clyde Butcher: Black & White Photographer from Florida

Sanibel Island is famous for its breathtaking beaches. The long stretches of gorgeous white sand and the impeccable views of the bright blue ocean attract visitors from all around the world. Plus, the friendly Southern charm of the Sanibel, Florida residents makes everyone feel right at home from the moment they arrive. While many visitors expect to spend time in ... Read More »