Sanibel Island Things to Do

Things to Do in the Winter at the Beach

Things to Do at the Beach During Winter

When the sun is glowing and the air is warm, there are few better places to be than the beach. It’s the ideal environment and the definitive locale for the summer. You can find a dizzying number of fun things in Sanibel and Captiva Islands to do without ever leaving their sandy shores. But what about the winter? What do ... Read More »

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Best Restaurants on Sanibel

There’s a lot to appreciate within the few miles of Sanibel and Captiva islands. But we often find guests raving about one thing over any other- it’s the dining. Below are five exceptional restaurants on Sanibel Island, all worthy of your attention. Sweet Melissa’s Café Sweet Melissa’s Café elegantly balances out fine dining with a casual demeanor. The restaurant sits ... Read More »

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Sanibel Island Area Utopia

A few innovators have crafted a Koreshan crazy utopia idea just off the island in Fort Myers. It’s bold. It’s fun. And it’s just the kind of thing the adventurous traveler needs to check out when they make their way over to Sanibel Island. What is the Idea? In 1984, Dr. Cyrus Reed relocated from Chicago to Fort Myers to ... Read More »

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Sanibel Island Shell Mound trail in Ding Darling

The Ding Darling refuge is an inspiring 6,300 acres of purely protected reserve land. With no development allowed and decades of preservation, the region is abundant in wonderful wildlife and some pristine sights and sounds. From December to March, the area alights in migratory bird life. Manatee, dolphin, bald eagles, and more are common preserve sights. Entrance is $5 per ... Read More »

Sanibel Island Wildlife

Buck Key Kayak Trail Off Captiva Island

Captiva Island is a natural blend of bold beach sides and complex interior wetlands. You are never far away from the water, whether it’s a clear beach suited for open swimming or a tight passageway perfect for a canoe. It’s the best of both worlds. Bird watchers seeking a very adventurous canoe or kayak romp will find lots of fine ... Read More »

National Park Sanibel Island

Animal Refuge On Sanibel Island

The people of Sanibel Island love their wildlife, and for good reason. The island is renowned for its extensive bird population and is a popular birdwatching destination as a result. The massive J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge sees about 250 different bird species annually, along with many other native Florida critters. Sanibel Island and the surrounding areas are an essential ... Read More »

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Tennis on Sanibel and Captiva Islands

Sanibel Island is a sports enthusiast’s dream destination. From epic waterfront golfing, to kayaking intricate mangrove tunnels, to sunny days on the beach, Sanibel Island is a go-to spot for outdoor activities. One of the most popular things to do on Sanibel is to play tennis, and, fortunately, there are many places to play. There are public courts, golf and ... Read More »

Sanibel Island Wildlife

Sanibel and Captiva Islands History

Today, Sanibel and Captive Islands are known for their pristine beaches, wildlife viewing, and “Old Florida” atmosphere, but there’s a unique and intriguing history behind it all. The history of Captiva Island and Sanibel Island is a flash in the grand scheme of the Earth’s geology. The two islands were once joined as one, formed about 6,000 years ago from ... Read More »

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Seafood On Sanibel

The waters surrounding Sanibel and Captiva are teeming with big game fish – making it one of the prime fishing spots in the country. But along with the big game fish there is also the little fish – the small fish that serve as food for the bigger fish and as bait for the fishermen. There are lots of them ... Read More »

Sanibel Island Beach


We are approaching our wonderful Fall weather. Sometime in early October the summer heat and humidity will surrender and make way for the clear, balmy weather of Fall. This is a special time on Sanibel. While the change in weather is welcome it also brings about new merchandise in stores, new books in the library and maybe even new menus ... Read More »