Sanibel Island Things to Do

Gopher Rentals - The Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail On Sanibel

This is a project that was started on Sanibel a number of years ago. The idea was to have an educational resource that was easy to access and would address the topics that were usually not part of the formal island history but were significant to the growth and character of the island. It consists of 23 panels placed along ... Read More »

Gopher Rentals - Beach Wedding

A Sanibel Wedding is A Romantic Treasure

Sanibel is an island paradise that offers all the wonders and treasured memories that a romantic wedding should provide. Just imagine an exchange of vows under a lovely arch facing the Gulf of Mexico – or an inside ceremony in a beautiful room with a subtle blend of elegance and style. It will be a flawless day that will give ... Read More »

Gopher Rentals - Fishing

The Bait & Tackle – Fishing On Sanibel

Sanibel and Captiva Islands are a wonderland of pleasure to those who are serious about fishing. They are also a really good time to those who are not as committed to fishing but like a good outing. The islands are surrounded by the warm, welcoming waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the quiet waters of San Carlos Bay. There ... Read More »

The Bubble Room-Captiva

The Bubble Room Sanibel Island

  When you’re on vacation in the lovely rental property David found, you need to know about The Bubble Room Restaurant. It’s more than just an excellent restaurant – known and admired worldwide – it is a memorable dining experience. It’s different —  as if someone had taken a little bit of Hollywood, a toy store, and Christmas and mixed ... Read More »

Gopher Rentals - Mucky Duck

The Mucky Duck Restaurant Sanibel Island

This world-famous restaurant has been a favorite of residents and visitors alike since 1975 with great food and drink creations. It has a relaxing salty, friendly pub atmosphere with darts and a big bar. The dress is casual. No bathing suit and bare feet casual but neat shorts, a golf-shirt, and sandals are fine. It is conveniently located for those ... Read More »

Top 5 Things to Do on Sanibel

Sanibel is a packed with fun things to do for the vacationer in one of David’s rental units. The lush white sand beaches are loaded with seashells. The surrounding waters are invitingly warm for swimming, exploring or fishing. The arts community has offerings that cover a wide range of interests with a number of galleries, theatres, and museums. And the ... Read More »

Gopher Rentals - Ding Darling

Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge Sanibel Island

The Refuge The “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1945 as the Sanibel National Wildlife Refuge and renamed for “Ding” Darling in 1967. It occupies about half of the island and is one of the great things to do on Sanibel. It is described by some as one of the finest wildlife refuges in the country. It is ... Read More »

Sanibel island Beaches

Fun Things To Do on Sanibel Island

Sanibel is heaven to the many people who have had a Sanibel vacation and enjoyed all its charms and pleasures. After all, Sanibel is a sub-tropical island with white sandy beaches, zephyr-like breezes, lots of sunshine and friendly people and many interesting and fun things to do. According to travel experts such as Fodor, USA Today, Frommers and others, it ... Read More »

sanibel island christmas shopping

Christmas Shopping On Your Beach Vacation

Shopping for Christmas on Sanibel is the same as it would be up north – except with shorts rather than ski pants and sandals instead of boots. Aside from that, there is lots of Christmas cheer – plenty of music, beautiful lights, store sales, decorations that dazzle and Santa and company to thrill you with bargains. If you’re going to ... Read More »

christmas events on sanibel island

Christmas on Sanibel and Capitva

This joyous time offers all the pleasures and fun of a sub-tropical paradise and all the solemnity of the Christmas celebration. The islands are an explosion of color from Thanksgiving to Christmas with Christmas lights everywhere you look – from the palm trees lining the roads to all the windows in the buildings. You will definitely know that Christmas has ... Read More »